The purpose of Formation in our Community is “to form its members in Christian perfection” (ref Sacra Propediem 16) by giving them a better understanding of their divine call to holiness and by guiding and assisting them in observing the Holy Gospel according to the example of St. Francis.

Formation is an ongoing process of conversion that starts before entrance into the Order and continues throughout life.  It should develop a love for the Scriptures by reading and meditating on the mystery of salvation. Through prayer, Formation should lead to love of God, love of neighbor, and Christian virtues- to a life lived according to the form of the Holy Gospel.

Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Formation takes place through means of Initial Formation, Ongoing Formation, Retreats, Days of Recollection and the Newsletter, based in authentic Franciscan and Catholic sources.

For Formation to attain its purpose, that is, of forming our members in Christian perfection,  it should contain the following three key elements:

  • be in full accord with Catholic doctrine;
  • taught with clarity and in complete conformity with Catholic Church teaching;
  • challenge fraternity members to conversion and Christian perfection.

Responsible for Formation are: those entering the Order, all professed members of our fraternity, the Council, the Formation Director and our Spiritual Director.



“…St. Francis warns us that if we are to find Christ in the Gospel, if we are to grow in love for our Lord by reading His Holy Book, we must read it in a spirit of prayerful humility and not in order to seem well-versed and acquainted with all the latest insights of the scripture scholars.  If our desire to know Jesus is genuine, then reading the Gospel should inflame us with an abiding love and intimate affection for Him.”          From “Call to Commitment”