Renewal of Profession


Renewal of Profession


Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, one God in three persons,

I present myself before You, to give You thanks for all the blessings

and mercies You have bestowed on me with so much bounty since the

moment I came into the world.  I thank You in particular, O my God, for

having made me a member of the Third Order of Your servant St. Francis.

I confess that the yoke of the holy order is not heavy, that its obligations

are not difficult, and that its blessings are many and great.  I embrace

anew the holy rule of our glorious father St. Francis.  I ratify my

profession and renew it with all my heart, promising again in the presence

of Your Divine Majesty, in honor of the immaculate Virgin Mary, of

blessed father Francis, and of all the saints, to observe all the time of my

life the commandments of God and the rule of the Third Order, as also to

fulfill the penance imposed on me by my superiors for any transgressions

against the rule.

O my God, with the assistance of Your grace, I will, from this day forth,

be more exact in the fulfilment of my duties as a Tertiary.  Deign to bless

this my resolution.  Kindle in my heart the fire of Your love, that, glowing

with the warmth of your charity, I may be a true child of our seraphic

father, and never cease to serve and love You.